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This is one of the requests that our customers most often make to us.
Many ask us for the availability of a model in the “noob” version, others ask if we sell AAA + or only AAA watches and if they are 1: 1.

Let’s do some clarity!

First of all, speaking of reruns indiscriminately is wrong.
Each model is different from the other and each replica has its strengths and weaknesses. Talking about AAA or AAA + replicas is therefore an unacceptable simplification.

Secondly, 1: 1 models do not exist.
Even the most successful replicas are not identical to the originals.
An expert eye, with the aid of magnifying tools and the original model in comparison, will surely be able to find some small or large difference that reveals the nature of the watch.

Last but not least, let’s solve the Noob question.
Noob is the westernized name of a well-known replica factory (mainly Rolex).
It became famous because it was one of the first to take the world of replicas seriously, offering the market high quality and precision products.
For many years it was the leading manufacturer in the sector and still today, compared to some models, still holds the record.

Have a nice day!

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