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This is one of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers and, perhaps, the answer may be of interest to you too.

What is the “best in the world” replica ???

It is difficult to give a simple answer to this question because there are different variables to consider and the market for high-end replicas is in turmoil.

In principle, the diamond tips are found among the most popular models.

This is because, given a strong market demand, different factories produce the same model and compete with each other to have the best version. Furthermore, if there is a large market, it will be possible to offer your product at a very high price, to that niche that is interested in buying an excellent watch (replica) and is willing to spend more on quality.

Hardly a manufacturer will decide to produce a top quality Blancpain, because there are so few potential customers willing to pay more than € 800 for a replica that it is not possible to amortize the costs of production and design of the model.

In line with what has just been said, the answer will be rather trivial … and indeed it is.

Currently, in fact, the best replica versions are found among Rolex and in particular in the Submariner 116610 black bezel and green bezel and in some Daytona models.

I’m sorry for the romantics, but unfortunately it’s the market that decides.

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